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Компания Анфас предлагает услуги остекление фасадов.

Навесной фасад от компании Анфас отличается качеством и умереной ценой.

About us


Our specialization - it cassettes and equipment manufacturing cluster hinged facades with an air gap for facing buildings of any complexity, chief mounting ventilated facades, as well as its own production facade elements and structures - Frontage cassettes, tidal, slopes.
The company "ANFAS" is determined to produce only high quality that meets the highest technical requirements and expectations of our partners. Our highly qualified team of his work provides a serious quality control at all stages of production. Including and with the milling aluminum composite panel and production of composite tape.
Great importance is attached to our company in the study of the needs of our customers and the suggestion of his most advanced technologies for ventilated facades.
All facade design are manufactured at our factory, so all components supplied by our customers and partners undergo several levels of quality, ranging from production, and ending with the reception committee finished objects. Such components as aluminium composite panel, for the production of aluminum cassettes are available only from the world's leading manufacturers, which enjoys good reputation worldwide, and is consistent with the highest technical requirements.
The company "ANFAS" offers a full range of services from design to delivery of the project kits facade systems to objects.
During our work we have proved as reliable business partners that can ensure the implementation, supply and installation of major head-volume products in an extremely short time. We pay considerable attention to working with clients, and is important for us every order. Specialists always be able to help you pick the optimum ratio of cost and project management solutions, free to make the necessary measurements and calculations, as well as translate it into reality.
Ltd. "ANFAS" assumes full responsibility for the implementation of policies in the field of quality, it shall fully comply with the purposes and principles, ensuring its full understanding and support staff company.
We look forward to a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!
For more information about the manufacture of composite tape facade you can get in section - facade cassettes.
Glossary - will help you learn about professional vocabulary manufacturers and installers cassettes facade, facade glazing systems and ventilated facades. And also reveal nuances of a composite material of aluminum processing and manufacturing cassettes.
In the materials you will be able to review, the material for the manufacture of cassettes - aluminium composite panel.
The technology to produce their tapes aluminum composite material described in section - Manufacturing.
Get advice on the cost of manufacturing cassettes for facades, you can contact us by phone or by visiting section Cost manufacture cassettes.

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